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March 2020




Louis Gizzard writes, “springtime is the land awakening and the March winds are the morning yawn.” We’re beginning to feel the anticipation growing once again to marvel at God’s personal color palette called – Spring.  This most joyous time of year brings us the opportunity to be designated as Easter People with a spiritual rebirth; a time for us to look ahead with great expectation and renewed devotion to Jesus.  May He continue to guide us and grace us with His blessings!


Fall Back, Spring Ahead!  Daylight Savings Time will begin on Sunday, March 8th, at 2:00 A.M. Please remember to set your clocks AHEAD one hour before you go to sleep. In addition, the Vernal Equinox, better know as spring, will begin Wednesday, March 19th.

On Wednesday, March 17th we will celebrate the feast days of St. Patrick and St. Joseph.  The celebration will take place at lunchtime. Please, no candy, cupcakes,cookies, chips, or popcorn. Pretzels only, as we incorporate “The Pretzel Prayer,”

a Lenten reminder of Jesus’ love for us.

March 20th, is the spring Professional Day for our teachers. School will be closed.

During the week of March 2nd, we will administer the Iowa Standardized Test to grades Kindergarten through grade 8.  Please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep, eats breakfast, and arrives to school on time. Once the test has begun, late students will not be permitted to enter the classroom disturbing those students already engaged in the cognitive process.  Students must bring two (#2) number two pencils with working erasers. Testing will be administered throughout the morning. Regular classes will resume in the afternoon.

Upcoming Events:

Read Across America / Dr. Seuss Day  – March 2nd

Book Fair – March 16th  – March 19th – Russo Room

Stations of the Cross (School) – Mondays @ 2:15 in church

Multicultural Day – March 26th and 27th

(March 27th is a 12:00 dismissal)

During Lent our school will be “Love in Action” for each other and for our environment.  Please read Fr. Joe’s Lenten theme for yourselves and your families:


Lenten penance is a prayerful way to take actions that remind us of God’s Call to awaken to God’s presence in all things on the Journey. Changing our routines and patterns of behavior grab our attention and may focus us on the spiritual dimension (A common penance, for example, giving up some food). This Lent we suggest more positive, proactive Lenten penances called Acts of Love. These acts are relationship based and involve honoring the presence of God in each other on the journey through – courtesy, hospitality and responsible stewardship of ourselves, others and our world.


  1. Prayer: Pray often. Tell God honestly your thoughts and feelings in prayer. Ask, ‘Ok God, what’s the good news?’ when your thoughts, feelings or situations are challenging. Being honest with God alone is good news.
  2. Hospitality: “Welcome others as you would greet Christ.” Liturgically we greet and acknowledge our God in each person with, ‘The Lord be with you.’ In everyday life we are hospitable with a Smile, Hello and Goodbye, Making Eye Contact, Shaking Hands.
  3. Graciousness: Offering the gift of acknowledging the grace in every interaction is simply saying – Please, Thank you, You’re Welcome. These are daily acts of respect and love (and are often neglected over time in relationships).
  4. Stewardship: Growing as a responsible steward – Ask prayerfully, Lord, what do I have to offer to this situation – as Love in Action – in word or in deed?
  5. Recycling: Our world is God’s gift for which we are responsible. What behaviors of mine need to change that contribute to a cleaner, safer and resource friendly environment for me and others.
  6. Peacemaking: Blessing those with whom we are not at peace is an Act of Faith in which we trust God to heal us. It does not necessarily change circumstances or other people but opens us to God’s grace, DONA NOBIS PACEM – GRANT US PEACE. Prayer – “Bless (PERSON’S NAME) and transform me to set me free.”




Mrs. Zito