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April 2015


We gathered only a short time ago to welcome the newborn infant, Son of God and Son of Mary, the Savior of the World. I believe there is a similarity and difference between Christmas and Easter. Both times the message is: “Be not afraid.” Yet, there is a decided difference. With the event of Christmas, the message tells us, “Do not be afraid, because the Savior has come,” whereas the message of Easter is, “Do not be afraid, because the Savior has triumphed!”

On that first Easter, the apostle became changed persons; their discouragement was replaced by hope, their weakness by strength and courage. This Easter may we too be transformed, to new life and hope that the Risen Jesus brings. Be not afraid.

Please join us for our Annual 8th Grade Play on Wednesday, April 22nd at 7 PM. Our 8th grade is proud to present, Beauty and the Beast! This is a tale you won’t want to miss!!

Report Cards will be distributed on Tuesday, April 14th. They can be found inside the large manila envelope, which will also contain the 2015-2016 HSA Contract.

Registration for the 2015-2016 School Year has begun. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. You may find the necessary forms and information on our website. In addition, on our website you will find information regarding various scholarships available to our students; type in the word, ‘scholarships’ under the search link.

Friday, March 27th, all 2015-2016 Transportation Forms were sent home via our students. For your convenience they may also be found on our website, as well. It is imperative for all those families who need transportation OR reimbursement to complete the forms and return them to the main office by MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015.

A Joyful Easter to you and your families,

Alleluia! HE IS RISEN!

-Principal Barbara Zito