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March 2015


Take heart Prep families, Daylight Saving Time is only 3 weeks away; the light at the end of the tunnel, as it were. And, in just a few months the snow will be just a passing memory, albeit the memory is yet too fresh for us, this too shall pass. In the meantime, the month of February has been busy here at school. We’ve celebrated Black History Month through education, arts and sports. Students celebrated the lives of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass, George Washington Carver, Jackie Robinson, Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks, through reading, writer’s response, and historical videos. Presidents’ Day highlighted the importance and impact our forefathers had on our great nation. Valentine’s Day reminded us that, “God so loved the world that he sent his only Son.” We are looking forward to Daylight Savings Time, which will be on Sunday, March 8th. Come on, spring!!

The month of March brings standardized testing. TerraNova will be administered the week of March 9th. As always, we will test only in the morning and have regular classes the afternoon and homework will not be assigned throughout the week. Here are four ways to help you child handle test week:

1. Explain that the tests will show how much he has learned. Encourage them to try their best, but don’t put so much emphasis on them that they feel stressed. Students who are calm and confident perform much better.

2. Practice the test format. For example, your child might have to read a rather lengthy paragraph and answer questions afterwards. Using one of their textbooks, have them look at the questions at the end of a section first and then read the passage. That will help them know what to read for and how to find the answers.

3. Limit activities the night before testing. You may want to avoid having guests for dinner or skip his brother’s basketball game if it means being out late. Be sure your child gets to bed on time and sets an alarm for the next morning.

4. On test day, give your child an energy-boosting breakfast. Try to include both proteins (eggs, yogurt, milk) and carbohydrates (fruit, oatmeal, toast.)

5. Come to school – ON TIME! We cannot allow late students interrupt the class once the test has begun. They will have to wait until that section is completed.

Keep safe, stay warm!
Mrs. Zito