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March 2016


2016 March Newsletter

Beginning on Monday, March7th, TerraNova will be administered to grades Kindergarten through seven. As always, we will test only in the morning and have regular classes the afternoon and homework will not be assigned throughout the week. Here are four ways to help you child handle test week:

  1. Explain that the tests will show how much he has learned.  Encourage them to try their best, but don’t put so much emphasis on them that they feel stressed.  Students who are calm and confident perform much better.
  2. Limit activities the night before testing.  You may want to avoid having guests for dinner or skip his brother’s basketball game if it means being out late.  Be sure your child gets to bed on time and sets an alarm for the next morning.
  3. On test day, give your child an energy-boosting breakfast.  Try to include both proteins (eggs, yogurt, milk) and carbohydrates (fruit, oatmeal, toast.)
  4. Come to school – ON TIME! We cannot allow late students interrupt the class once the test has begun. They will have to wait until that section is completed.

Please join us for our March Home and School Association meeting on Thursday, March 10th at 7:00 PM in our auditorium.

The New Jersey Dept. of Transportation is undertaking a project to reconstruct the Route 3 and Route 46, Valley Road/Notch/Rifle Camp Road Interchanges. This project will have serious ramifications in terms of the usual access to and from our school.  It will become necessary for most of us to find alternate routes to and from our school, depending on the various stages of the project – which, according to the information on the site, is scheduled to continue until July 2018.  I strongly encourage you to log on to:

Change your clocks ahead 1 hour on Sunday, March 13th…Spring is on its way!

Please join us as we journey with Jesus to Calvary, as our school presents The Living the Stations of the Cross, on Wednesday, March 23rd in our auditorium.  All are welcome to join us for this prayerful, inspirational Saint Philip Prep tradition.

May your Easter be filled with the power and the peace that comes from


Mrs. Zito