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October 2015


October 2015

October is the Month of the Rosary. After the liturgy, the rosary is held as one of our greatest scriptural prayers. The mysteries of the rosary focus on the central events in the life of Jesus and Mary. Learn more about this time honored Catholic tradition at

Thank you to all our PK 3, PK4 and Kindergarten teachers and students who were so instrumental in making our Fall Festival a huge success! The students delighted all of us with their seasonal songs and poems dedicated to this most colorful time of year!

****As class trips begin focus upon apple and pumpkin picking, please make sure all who would like to be considered to serve as chaperones, have been cleared by the Main Office. Questions? Please call Mrs. Neglia at 973-779-4700.

Progress Reports are snapshots of student progress at a specific time.
First quarter Progress Reports will be printed Friday, October 16th. We shall distribute the reports to students in grades 4 and 5. Progress Reports will be mailed to the homes of students in the Middle School (grades 6, 7, and 8).  Students in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 3 do not receive progress reports.

On Friday, October 30th our school will celebrate Halloween. Students in grades PK 3 through grade 3 may come to school dressed in costume. Students in grades 4 through 8 will bring their costume to school and change after the lunch period. Please encourage your child to choose an appropriate costume for school, nothing too scary, gory, or violent. No swords, guns etc. At approximately 12:45, we will have our traditional Halloween Parade, which all are invited to attend (Great photo-opts!) The students will parade around the main parking lot for all to see! After the parade the students only, will return to their classrooms for parties. Please speak with your child’s homeroom teacher before sending in treats for the celebration.
There will be a school Halloween Party, sponsored by the H.S.A. Friday evening in the auditorium.  A flyer will be forthcoming with additional information.

A Saint Philip tradition continues…for over 20 years, our annual 7th grade class trip has been taking our students to Fairview. The Fairview YMCA offers an environmental educational program with just the right amount of cooperation, enthusiasm and expertise needed to create a successful, memorable trip. The study of science, social studies, and teamwork were never so much fun! Our 7th grade is scheduled to embark on their environmental adventure on Thursday, October 8th.

Parking Lot Etiquette

We need your help. Each of you has the responsibility of driving your child(ren) to and from school each day. We are asking each of you to read the following parking lot safety tips and help us to ensure the safety of your child(ren) coming to and from school.

Please refrain from talking on your cell phone as you are driving in the parking lot. It is against the law and extremely distracting while children are present!

  • Drop off your child at the auditorium door. Do not get out of the car as that stops the flow of traffic. If you wish, you may park and walk your child to the auditorium door.
  • When your child has exited the car please drive away slowly.
  • The morning bell rings at 8:00. The door will close. You must enter through the main entrance.
  • For pick-up, please park in a legal spot where you are not blocking other cars or emergency vehicles.
  • Be very aware of your surroundings when backing out of your parking spot. There are children in the parking lot!
  • Do not park in the area designated for School Buses, located on St. Philip Drive. It will cause traffic jams.

    Last time we checked, every driver is an adult. Yet we have been witness to drivers yelling at each other, honking their horns, and even threatening one another, sometimes using vulgarity. Is this the example we want to set for our children? Please, model kindness, respect and safety for your children.

  • Don’t Peek!  Parents of our Kindergarten students please do not peek or knock on the classroom windows prior to dismissal. Your child knows you but the other children don’t and see you as a stranger. This becomes disturbing and frightening to other children in the classroom. Please be considerate and sensitive to all our little ones.

If you have not received an October calendar or menu, please call the office. 973-779-4700

As we marvel in the breath taking beauty of autumn…

“Let the Whole Earth be Filled with His Glory”

Psalm 72:19