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The cafeteria is fully up and running. Parents can either access their accounts from last year or new parents can create a new account for your student.

Faculty and Administration


Faculty and Staff

Mrs. Barbara Zito, Principal


Early Childhood Team

PreK – 3
Mrs. Marlene Chidiac, Teacher
Ms. Dorothy O’Brien, Paraprofessional                    Mrs. Irene Chmura, Paraprofessional
Ms. Dona Jean Piasecki, Paraprofessional


PreK – 4A
Ms. Beth Ann Holly Teacher
Ms. Linda Crawford, Paraprofessional


Kindergarten A
Mrs. Meredith Gleason, Teacher
Mrs. Carolyn Conway, Paraprofessional                     Mrs. Patricia Regan, Paraprofessional

Primary School Team

1A – Mrs. Maria Slader, Teacher
1B – Mrs. Ann Nowak, Teacher

2A – Mrs. Kathleen Custer Teacher
2B – Ms. Katherine Spellman, Teacher

3A – Mrs. Allison Cheddie, Teacher
3B – Ms. Kimberlee Korzelius, Teacher

Intermediate School Team

4A – Mrs. Marie Clifford, Teacher
4B – Mrs. Karen Romanko, Teacher

5A – Mrs. Jennifer Higgins, Teacher
5B – Mrs. Denise Pannullo, Teacher

Middle School Team

6A – Ms. Chrisann Lucciola, Teacher
6B – Mrs. Betty Majkrzak, Teacher

7A – Mrs. Debra Costanza, Teacher
7B – Mrs. Marie McKeever, Teacher

8A – Ms. Katherine Bennett, Teacher
8B – Mrs. Judith Banyai, Teacher

Kaleidoscope Team

Mrs. Katherine Curran, Teacher
Accelerated Mathematics

Ms. Joan DeLuca
Accelerated Primary Reading/Mathematics

Ms. Sandra Gilligan Teacher
Accelerated Literature

Supporting Curriculum Teachers

Mrs. Claudia Bocanegra, Teacher

Mrs. Marie Lynes, Teacher

Mr. Mark Novak, Teacher

Mrs. Barbara Forbes, Teacher
Physical Education

Mr. Frank Hydash, Teacher

Ms. Margaret Viggiano, Teacher

Middle School Fine Arts Program

Mrs. Debra Costanza
Ms. Chrisann Lucciola
Ms. Katherine Bennett
Mrs. Judith Banya
Mrs. Betty Majkzrak
Mr. Mark Novak

Nursing Services

Marica Campbell,  R.N.

Alyssa Knoskie, R.N.

Essex County Special Services

Compensatory Education, Title 1, ESL

School Support Staff

Mrs. Deborah Neglia, Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Peggy Lubanski – Receptionist
Carlos Arias, Maintenance Supervisor
Mr. Jim Foster – Maintenance

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