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After School

Crafty Kids (gr. 1-3)
Crafty Kids is about children getting into the spirit of the season and putting creative genius to work!  Children will enjoy making seasonal crafts that can proudly be displayed at home or given as gifts.

Fundamentals of Ceramics  (gr. K-5)
The Fundamentals of Ceramics After School Club develops a student’s creativity from the very beginning stages of painting with acrylics, glazes and stains, using proper tools and techniques.  Students physically experience the difference between clay vs fired bisque as well as  the introduction of a kiln.
Each session students will create three projects.

Super Sleuths (gr. 3-6)
Do you like mysteries? Do you have keen observation skills? Are you eager to practice your detective skills?  If you said yes to any of these questions then the SPP Super Sleuths Club is the place for you!
Conduct forensic experiments to analyze evidence found at the crime scene.

The Case of “Who Borrowed Mr. Bear?” (gr. 3-4)
The case of “Felix.”  (gr. 5-6)