Saint Philip Prep is a place where students can grow intellectually, spiritually, and socially. They offer math and reading classes at three different levels and have extra-curricular offerings such as sports, art, and music. The curriculum has the flexibility to meet each child exactly where they are while challenging them to grow.

Being part of this community for over ten years has brought many fond memories over the years such as field trips, multicultural days, school plays, talent shows, volleyball, and basketball games. ABCs and 123s quickly turned into Shakespeare and algebra. Science classes evolved from learning facts to hands-on experiments proving theories. Social studies classes moved from reading about history to putting themselves in the shoes of historical figures. The learning at St. Philip Prep is dynamic and impactful – demonstrating the teachers’ dedication to education and their commitment to excellence.

St. Philip Prep certainly prepares students to deal with the rigors of high school. The students draw from their research and presentation skills learned through their science classes and passion projects. They use their problem-solving skills to take on challenging math classes. They revisit books such as Hamlet, the Odyssey, and The Great Gatsby, ready for a deeper dive because of the foundation built at Saint Philip.

St. Philip Prep students learn lessons beyond those taught in the classroom. They realize their passions and their potential. More importantly, they learn to share their gifts with others: with family, classmates & teachers, and the church community.

These lifelong lessons are the true value of a Catholic education and we are grateful to be partners with St. Philip Prep in developing our children into young men & women, ready for life’s journey.

-Mrs. Mejia (Mother of 4 SPPS students)

As we just registered our youngest for 8th grade, we reflect on the time our children have spent here at St. Philip Preparatory School. The teachers and staff truly care about each student. The teachers at St. Philip’s have provided them with a strong educational foundation, kindness and encouragement that will give them the confidence to succeed in not only high school but in college as well. They teach from the heart. Even during the fire in 2018, and Covid, the students’ education was the administration’s top priority, keeping their daily schedules as if they were in the classroom. The elementary teachers make education fun while focusing on academics. The middle school curriculum is rigorous to help the students prepare for high school. We have been a SPPS family for 14 years beginning with our oldest in Pre-K at 3 years old, it has been their second home. St. Philip Prep is where we know our children are safe, cared for and they have all the support, not just academically, but spiritually so they can thrive in not just high school but in life.

-Linda V. (Parent)