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Kaleidoscope Gifted Program

Sister Pauline Piechocki, SSC., Director

The Kaleidoscope Program is a unique, accelerated, educational program offered to qualified students of Saint Philip Preparatory School in grades 1 through 8.

Through daily instruction, the Kaleidoscope faculty is committed to the creation of a challenging learning environment through the process of a modified and accelerated curriculum, which addresses modes of creative problem solving, interdisciplinary activities, cooperative learning, independent study opportunities and responsibility.

Students in grades 1 through 8 attend classes with Kaleidoscope teachers for accelerated instruction during their regularly scheduled Reading or Math periods. Kaleidoscope is not a “pull out program.” The accelerated program provided culminates in the completion of approximately two years of high school level Literature and Algebra I or Algebra II upon completion of the Eighth Grade.

Students are identified as possible candidates for the program through TerraNova scores (95%+) or NJASK (Advanced Proficient), report card average (A/A+), and history of deportment.  Upon being identified, students must pass the Kaleidoscope Entrance Exam.  All new Kaleidoscope students are placed on Probationary Acceptance for the first marking period.