Weekly Parent Letter January 29, 2024

January 29, 2024

Dear Parents and Guardian,

This week we celebrate Catholic Schools week across the country.  The theme is, “United in Faith and Community.” Church community and the school community coming together as one is a powerful thing!  In it, all who pass through the doors of a Catholic School to study, educate, support or work, naturally live out the words of scripture, “…always seek what is good for each other and for all.  Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing”  (1 Thessalonians 5:15-17).  Our prayers and work come together in a harmonious continual thanks and praise to God.  There is no beginning or end. 

Thank you for choosing a Catholic School!

God Bless you,

Ms. Danielle Gonzalez


 Catholic Schools Week 2024

NEW PENNY WARS all week long Grades 1-8:


NEXT WEEK:  Catholic Schools Week 2024

Catholic Schools Week begins Sunday, January 28, 2024.  The theme this year is Catholic Schools: United in Faith and Community.  There is a great week planned to celebrate at St. Philip Preparatory School! Take a look below.

Sunday, January 28 – Kickoff to Catholic Schools Week Mass 

  • Attend 10 AM Mass at St. Philips (Youth Choir will sing)
  • We ask all students attending to wear the school uniform.

Monday, January 29 – Celebrate our Community 

  • Mrs. Clifford organized a guest speaker with Maryknoll Missionaries who will speak to all classes.
  • ATTIRE for the day: There will be a $2 minimum donation to dress down for all students, faculty and staff. All money collected will be donated to Maryknoll Missionaries. Feel free to donate more if you can.

Tuesday, January 30 – Celebrate our School 

  • Bishop Sweeney will be celebrating 9 AM Mass for our school. 
  • ATTIRE: This will be a Spirit Day and students can also wear green and yellow accessories. Any accessories will need to be removed before going over to church. *Gym sweatpants or SPPS pajama bottoms only.  
  • There will be a Pep Rally organized by 8th grade in the Auditorium from 2:00 – 2:30 for all grades. 

Wednesday, January 31 – Celebrate our Vocations (This will be a Career Day).  

  • ATTIRE: Students are invited to dress up as their future career aspirations.  

Thursday, February 1Celebrate our Students (Buddy Day) 

  • ATTIRE:  Dress Like Your Buddy Class. Use the following color theme.
Buddy Classes Color
8 & K  Yellow
7 & PreK Green
  6 & 1 Red
5 & 3 Blue
4 & 2 Purple

Friday, February 2 – Celebrate our Church 

  • 9 AM Mass (Feast of the Presentation). 
  • The National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony will take place after Mass in the Church. 
  • NEW – Kindergarten will not attend this Mass or the induction
  • ATTIRE: Regular school uniform and attire unless it is a Gym day for PreK – 5th grade.  All middle school students will be in regular uniform. 
  • Early Dismissal
    • 11:30 AM PreK3
    • 11:45 AM PreK4
    • 12:00 PM Grades K-8


Monday, February 5

  • NWEA – Grades 4-8 Testing Day 1

Tuesday, February 6

  • Rediker Portal will open back up with the release of report cards.

Wednesday, February 7

  • NWEA 
    • Grades 1-3 Testing Day 1
    • Grades 4 & 5 Testing Day 2

Friday, February 9

  • NWEA
    • Grades 1-3 Testing Day 2
    • Grades 6-8 Testing Day 2



We welcome Nurse Elizabeth Thatcher.  She is replacing Nurse Jackie Lee who is no longer with us.  Nurse Elizabeth will be with us 3 days a week while Nurse Tricia will continue to work 2 days a week. Should you need to contact either of them:


Preferred registration for our current families begins Monday, January 29, 2024! The registration envelope was sent home in the backpacks last week.




Winter NWEA testing in Reading and Mathematics for Grades 1-8 starts February 5, 2024.

MAP Growth scores help teachers check student performance by measuring achievement and growth. 

MAP Growth tests are unique and adapt to your child’s responses to measure your child’s knowledge. If your child answers a question correctly, the next question is more challenging. If they answer incorrectly, the next one is easier. These results will provide a more complete picture of where your child is on their learning journey— regardless of whether they are on, above, or below their grade level.

Since MAP Growth tests provide immediate and accurate information about your child’s learning, it’s easy for teachers to identify students with similar scores in similar skills and topics and then plan instruction accordingly.

We are truly excited to focus on your child’s individual growth and achievement. For more information about MAP Growth, visit NWEA.org/familytoolkit

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