Weekly Parent Letter May 13, 2024

May 13, 2024

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This past Saturday, young boys and girls of St. Philip the Apostle Parish and School made their First Holy Communion.  During the two Masses, both Fr. Monteleone and Fr. Nico offered thoughts for the children and parents.  Fr. Monteleone compared the Eucharistic Meal to a family dinner in which one is surrounded by loved ones and feels loved.  Fr. Nico pointed out this would be the most important day in one’s life and recalled some memories of his First Communion.  Both reflections catapulted me back to my childhood.  I can vividly remember sitting at the dinner table with my parents and two brothers.  I also thought about my First Communion and how my mother put tight spiral curls in my hair and my Communion dress was handmade by a neighbor a few houses down.  The memories brought with them a feeling of comfort and of being loved. You may have similar memories and feelings.

Although adult worries and concerns are real and can be imminent at times, there is a special time during the week when we can release those fears and concerns.  It is when we go to Mass.  During the Eucharistic Celebration there is a powerful grace present. It may not always be physically felt or understood, but it is there.  And during this hour out of the week we can relax our shoulders a bit, breathe a little deeper, and allow ourselves to be comforted.  It is a time we remember God is our Father and Mother.  It is a time to be engulfed by the grace and presence of the Lord.  

Allow this grace to seep into your heart and mind.  Now, as adult men and women of the church, we are called to bring this sense of comfort and love to the children in our lives.

God’s love is brought to perfection in us,

Ms. Danielle Gonzalez


Monday, May 13

  • 9:00 AM NWEA Testing (Math) – Kindergarten
  • Grade 1-3 Field Trip

Tuesday, May 14

  • 9:00 AM NWEA Testing (Reading) 
    • Kindergarten
    • Grades 1 -5 (Make-up day.  The internet was down on Friday.)
  • NJHS members will be attending the Diocesan May Crowning
  • 7:00 PM HSA General Meeting for parents

Wednesday, May 15

  • NJHS Homework Club after school for grades 2 & 3

Thursday, May 16

  • Perfect Time Music Concerts in the auditorium
    • 7:00 PM Grades 1-3
    • 8:00 PM Grades 4-8

Friday, May 17

  • $1 Tag Day for all students, teachers, & staff.


Monday, May 20

  • 10:00 AM School-wide rosary in the Church for Grades 2-8. 

Tuesday, May 21

  • Grade 8 Final Exams: Science and Social Studies
  • 9:00 AM Grade 2 attends Mass followed by First Communion Breakfast

Wednesday, May 22

  • Grade 8 Final Exams: Literature and Language Arts
  • NJHS Homework Club after school for grades 2 & 3

Thursday, May 23 – WALKATHON

  • All students, faculty and staff can wear SPPS SPIRIT Wear today.
  • Grade 8 Final Exams: Math and Religion 

Friday, May 24

  • Grade 7 Field Trip


Thank you to everyone who made APPRECIATION Week for the teachers and staff such a wonderful experience!  God Bless you!



MAP Growth scores help teachers check student performance by measuring achievement and growth. 

MAP Growth tests are unique and adapt to your child’s responses to measure your child’s knowledge. If your child answers a question correctly, the next question is more challenging. If they answer incorrectly, the next one is easier. These results will provide a more complete picture of where your child is on their learning journey— regardless of whether they are on, above, or below their grade level.

Since MAP Growth tests provide immediate and accurate information about your child’s learning, it’s easy for teachers to identify students with similar scores in similar skills and topics and then plan instruction accordingly.

We are truly excited to focus on your child’s individual growth and achievement. For more information about MAP Growth, visit NWEA.org/familytoolkit

END of Year Calendar

To date, two Emergency Days were used to close school.  Pending there are no more Emergency Days needed, the last day of school with the students will be Monday, June 17, 2024.

  • Monday, June 10th through Wednesday, June 12th will be full days of school.
  • Thursday, June 13, 2024: Half Day with Aftercare (LAST day of Aftercare.)
  • Friday, June 14, 2024: Half Day with NO Aftercare
  • Monday, June 17, 2024: Half Day with NO Aftercare

SUMMER Opportunities for the Children

  • MHC Camp – Open House April 14, 2024 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM
    • For students that are going into Pre-K 4 through going into 8th grade
    • Dates of Camp: June 24-July 26, 2024




  • Don Bosco Prep Summer Theater
  • St. Philip Parish Vacation Bible School (VBS)
    • We invite Children in Kindergarten through Fifth grade.
    • July 29 – August 2
    • 8:30 AM to Noon
    • Songs, skits, snacks, games, crafts, logo t-shirt
    • Registration begins May 25th
    • Students –  want 30 Community Service Hours?  Sign up to be Junior Leaders!
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